Material Finishing & Handling

The WAZER produces a cut finish which for some is acceptable right out of the machine and for others is the first step in a larger finishing process.

These are some of our recommendations for what to do after your cut has finished.

Handling Cut Material/Safety Concerns

Sharp Edges

  • We recommend that you wear work gloves when removing materials from the machine because there is a possibility that the underside of the material has a rough edge or is sharp. This is especially true for brittle materials such as glass and ceramics.


Removing Cut Piece with Tabs From Material

  • If the material is thin or soft then popping the cut piece out of the sheet can be done by hand.

  • If the material is an elastic then it may require a razor to cut the piece from the tabs.

  • If the material is rigid or thick then a Dremel is recommended to remove the cut piece from the material. Though with rigid thick materials you can also reduce the size of the tabs and still keep things in place with a far smaller tab, which in turn is easier to remove.


Removing Burrs

  • Files and sandpaper are great tools to help remove burrs on the underside of your cut piece. If you have a larger piece a palm sander can help speed things up.

Removing Tabs from Cut Piece

  • Placing the material in a vice or clamping it down is recommended for this step.

  • Elastic materials will most likely require a razor to cut off the tab piece. For soft, thin materials sandpaper or a file may be used to remove the tabs. Harder thicker material will be easier to remove the tabs with a Dremel or grinder.

Polishing and Burnishing

  • Use finer grit sandpaper to achieve a smoother finish, or buffing to complete the finishing of your part. There are many options and intricacies to explore in the process.


  • This is the process of chemically reacting the surface to create unique and desirable colors and finishes. This can be as simple as vinegar to seriously dangerous chemicals. This is out of the scope of this document, but there are many guides on the internet that can help you get started.

    One place we buy our finishes from though there are many is: