Dry Abrasive System

The Dry Abrasive System manages the garnet as it travels from the hopper all the way to the Cut Head where it is accelerated to do the cutting.

This system does not have many parts, but will need maintenance and contains a few wear components that will need to be replaced when they reach the end of their life. Please contact support@wazer.com for replacements.

Clearing the Dry Abrasive Hose

An abrasive clog is a blockage at some point in the abrasive stream. The most common area that this occurs in is the abrasive hose.

Clearing the Dry Abrasive Hopper

In addition to the Dry Abrasive Hose, another area that an abrasive blockage can occur is in the Abrasive Hopper and/or mechanism at the bottom.

Quick Abrasive Check

This is a quick way to find out if your Abrasive Hopper is clogged and if your Abrasive Valve is operating smoothly.

Correct Abrasive Hose End Installation

It is important that the Abrasive Hose End is fully inserted into the Cutting Head. The WAZER sucks up a carefully metered amount of abrasive from the Abrasive Hopper. So, if there is any air leak, the abrasive rate will reduce and the cut performance will be degraded

Pinch Valve Teardown (version 2)

What to do when your valve won’t open. Sometimes after a severe clog abrasive will find its way into the inner workings of the pinch valve. To fix this requires the disassembly and cleaning of the pinch valve.

[WARNING] WAZER DOES NOT track the number of hours it has been running.
To ensure a safe and reliable machine, you MUST track your WAZER's run time so that you may perform preventative maintenance as required in this User Manual. If you do not abide by the regular maintenance procedures and schedule, the warranty and support for your WAZER will be void.

Before servicing WAZER:

  • Purge the high-pressure system by properly ending/completing a cut or performing a Nozzle Purge.

  • Turn off or close the On/Off Valve or water supply to the machine.

  • Turn off WAZER and disconnect AC power from WAZER and the Pump Box.

  • Never remove the cover of the Pump Box while it is plugged in.