Quick Abrasive Check

Often times during debugging, it is important to do quick tests, in order to help you hone in on what you know works and what does not. This is a quick way to find out if your Abrasive Hopper is clogged and if your Abrasive Valve is operating smoothly.

To do this, you won’t need any special tools other than your WAZER and some abrasive in your hopper.


1. Remove the Abrasive cover from the bottom of the Abrasive Valve

[NOTICE] If your abrasive valve does not look like the one pictured, please contact customer support through our ticketing system in order to have the upgrade sent to you. If you still have the older plug style and try to remove the head in this fashion, it will cause damage to your valve.

2. Place something below the Abrasive valve to catch abrasive

3. Locate the black “button” in the center of the abrasive valve.

button  DSC00673.jpg

4 Press this in and hold it to start the flow of abrasive


Look carefully at the abrasive stream

  • This is a clean good stream

  • this is low flow

  • this is too much


If there is no flow at all you have a clog in your Abrasive Hopper or Abrasive Valve, You will need to :