Pump & High-Pressure System

The High-Pressure System is the heart of the WAZER. It includes the pump, all the high-pressure plumbing, the valve, and the cut head. Keeping this system running well is vital to the performance of the WAZER. This section includes some preventative maintenance as well as fixes for common problems. There are also a few wear components in this system - replacements are available at the WAZER shop.

Priming the Plumbing

Required for initial WAZER set-up! This procedure will ensure that both the low-pressure and the high-pressure water lines have no air in them and are fully primed with water, setting up your machine to have an error free and flawless cut.

Preparing for Long Term Storage

This guide will walk you through the process for preparing the WAZER for long term storage. This is crucial to do in winter if the machine will be subjected to freezing temperatures.

Nozzle Purge

If WAZER was shut down or turned off before completing a cut, the system is still under high pressure. To release the high pressure perform a Nozzle Purge.

Inspecting the High-Pressure O-Rings

The High-Pressure Hoses need to be checked for wear every 20–50 hours. If you do not properly identify wear in the High-Pressure O-Rings, they can become damaged and lead to a severe leak.

Pump Box Oil Change

The Pump Box oil needs to be changed after the first 50 hours of use, and then every 300 hours after that.

Replacing the Orifice

You will need to replace the WAZER’s Orifice after 300+hr of run time, when the performance of your WAZER starts to decline, or if the orifice is damaged.

Cleaning the Water Inlet Filter

All the water going into the system is filtered at the water inlet of the pump. Over time, this can accumulate debris and sediment commonly found in most water mains. If you have particularly old plumbing, you may need to clean your filter more often.

Nozzle Replacement

The nozzle assembly is wear component and needs to be replaced after around 300 hours of cutting. The following guide details the replacement procedure.

[WARNING] WAZER DOES NOT track the number of hours it has been running.
To ensure a safe and reliable machine, you MUST track your WAZER's run time so that you may perform preventative maintenance as required in this User Manual. If you do not abide by the regular maintenance procedures and schedule, the warranty and support for your WAZER will be void.

Before servicing WAZER:

  • Purge the high-pressure system by properly ending/completing a cut or performing a Nozzle Purge.

  • Turn off or close the On/Off Valve or water supply to the machine.

  • Turn off WAZER and disconnect AC power from WAZER and the Pump Box.

  • Never remove the cover of the Pump Box while it is plugged in.