Nozzle Replacement

The nozzle assembly is wear component and needs to be replaced after around 300 hours of cutting. The following guide details the replacement procedure.

Tools Needed

  • 4 mm Allen Key
  • 17 mm Wrench
  • Torque Wrench with 17 m socket
  • Adjustable Pliers or 28 mm wrench


1.  Remove the two bolts securing the Nozzle to the Z block using a 4 mm Allen key
2.    Remove the Banjo bolt from the Nozzle by holding the mixing chamber with a pair of pliers while loosening the bolt with a 17 mm wrench
3.  Be careful not loose the 2 sealing washer on either side of the banjo fitting.  If they look particularly worn they can be replaced
4.   Remove the red plug from the end of the new Nozzle.
5.  Reinstall the banjo bolt into the new Nozzle.  Make sure there is a sealing washer on either side of the banjo fitting
6. Tighten the bolt to 17 Nm using a 17 mm socket on a torque wrench.  Take care to make sure the hose is aligned to the rear relative to the abrasive inlet to the mixing chamber.
7.Reinstall the nozzle to the Z-block.  
8.  Place the new touch off tool on top. Insert the abrasive line back into the head