Regenerate Cut File

When preparing your WAZER to cut it may display the error “Incorrect or Wrong Wam Version”. While it might actually be that the file was generated with an outdated version of the software, it can also indicate that there is a problem with either the full-sized or MicroSD card.

If you have already been using your WAZER, the error is likely to be valid and you will simply need to regenerate your cut file with the current version of WAM. You can find WAM here. Then retry starting your file to see if the error appears again.

However if this is the first time using your Wazer or you are using a new SD card for the first time it is likely there is a problem with the SD card itself.

  • Using another SD card, format it using the standard quick formatting in FAT32. Put your cut file on the card or download the newest WelcomeCut file for testing. Restart your file to see if the error appears again

  • Using another MicroSD card, follow the instructions to place a fresh copy of the firmware and config file on it and swap the MicroSD card with the one in the controller. Restart WAZER, load your file, and see if the error appears again.

If you are still having issues contact us and we can work with you to find the problem