Used Abrasive Collection System

The Used Abrasive Collection System is central to the proper function of your WAZER. Not only does it help you get used abrasive out of the machine, it allows the machine to maintain the water level. This is a complicated system that will likely be the area you interact with most.

Some amount of regular preventative maintenance can help avoid major headaches down the line. If performance is degraded, the following procedures should help you identify the problem.

Drain Filter Cleaning

The first-defense for your low-pressure system. The Drain Filter needs constant cleaning. If clogged, the low-pressure system will be starved. Improper cleaning may bring more harm than good.

Tank Cleaning Cycle

To collect Used Abrasive, run the Tank Cleaning Cycle from the Setup & Maintenance menu of the Control Panel. This procedure will help prevent any clogs in the Filtration System. It is good practice to after every cut

Clearing the Filtration System

The Filtration System that keeps WAZER clean will occasionally become clogged or jammed with abrasive or air bubbles.

Full Tank Cleaning

There are many reasons you may want or need to fully clean out your tank. Fully cleaning out the tank gives you a chance to get your abrasive collection working at peak performance, saving you from having to clean out the tank as often.

Tank Draining - Siphon Method

Sometimes the tank drain can get clogged with abrasive and requires siphon method draining, or you may just want to drain your tank in a hurry. 

Venturi Clean Out

When one of the Venturi gets clogged, a serious mound of abrasive can form on top, and in some instances this can pack the pick-up filters to a point where Clearing the Filtration System can no longer clear the clog.

Rear Baffle Quick Check

If the tank over fills with abrasive or it has been a long time since the last full tank clean the rear baffle can become clogged with abrasive. This will mess with the water leveling features of the WAZER and can be baffling to debug. (sorry)

Abrasive Pickup Cleaning

If there is a lot of abrasive in the tank or the Wazer has been sitting for a long time this mode will loosen up the compacted abrasive by the abrasive pickups and the rear baffle

Preparing the Wazer After it Sits Idle for a Long Time

If the Wazer has been sitting for more than a few days, the heavy abrasive in the bottom of the tank can compact. The compacted abrasive is very difficult for the abrasive system to pick up and if it happens to cover the pickups then the system will not function. This guide will help you get your machine ready to cut again.

[WARNING] WAZER DOES NOT track the number of hours it has been running.
To ensure a safe and reliable machine, you MUST track your WAZER's run time so that you may perform preventative maintenance as required in this User Manual. If you do not abide by the regular maintenance procedures and schedule, the warranty and support for your WAZER will be void.

Before servicing WAZER:

  • Purge the high-pressure system by properly ending/completing a cut or performing a Nozzle Purge.

  • Turn off or close the On/Off Valve or water supply to the machine.

  • Turn off WAZER and disconnect AC power from WAZER and the Pump Box.

  • Never remove the cover of the Pump Box while it is plugged in.