Leveling the Cut Bed

Having a level Cut Bed is critical. The height of the Nozzle needs to be consistent at every point on the Cut Bed. If it isn’t, this can result in Partial Cutting, or the Nozzle may contact the Material or Cut Bed – this can cause a Cut failure or damage to WAZER.

To level your Cut Bed:

1. Turn off your WAZER.

2.  Adjust the height of the Cut Bed by tightening the Cut Bed Bolts at the corners of the Cut Bed.

3.  Loosen the Nozzle Lock Knob and move the gantry to the top left corner of the Cut Bed (two inches from the edges of the Cut Bed is sufficient. You do not need to be too precise).

4.  Use the Nozzle Height Tool and set the height off of the Cut Bed the same as you would with Material. Lock the Nozzle Lock Knob into place and remove the Nozzle Height Tool from under the Nozzle.

5.  Slowly move the Gantry to the top right corner of the Cut Bed. Stop if you feel any resistance.

6. Assess the height of the Nozzle accordingly:

     a)  If you collide with the Cut Bed or cannot replace the Nozzle Height Tool between the Nozzle and the top right corner of the Cut Bed, use the Cut Bed Installation Tool provided in the Spare Parts bag to tighten the Cut Bed Bolt in that corner. This will lower the Cut Bed. Tighten the bolt until the Nozzle Height Tool slips between the Nozzle and Cut Bed with little to no slope or resistance.

     b)  If you do not collide and there is room between the Nozzle and Cut Bed, loosen the Nozzle Lock Knob and use the Nozzle Height Tool to reset the height off of the Cut Bed. If this is your first pass around the Cut Bed corners, we highly suggest you DO NOT loosen the Cut Bed Bolts. Instead, tighten the higher sides and lower the Nozzle. The Cut Bed Bolts must be under some tension, or the Cut Bed will move throughout the cut, leading to poor results.

     c)  If the Nozzle Height Tool slips under the Cut Bed with little resistance, this corner is set for the time being. Move on.

7. Move the Gantry around the Cut Bed and repeat Step 5 until you have leveled all four
corners without needing adjustment. This may take 2-3 full loops around the Cut Bed before everything is set. Take your time doing this correctly. The gap between the Nozzle and the Cut Bed should not vary by more than 0.5 mm from corner to corner.

[CAUTION] Bacteria can build up in the standing water of t he tank. Any injuries or cuts, even minor ones, should be treated with caution. If you have an open wound, avoid contact with the water or wear gloves that do not expose you to the tank water.