High-Pressure Leak

When this issue occurs, you will notice water leaking from the High-Pressure Connection on the back of the Pump Box or WAZER.

Check: Is your High-Pressure O-Ring is damaged or frayed? Perform Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Inspecting the High-Pressure O-Rings.

  • Root Cause: If the High-Pressure O-Ring looks damaged or worn, the leak occurred because of a failure in the O-Ring. This damage likely occurred because of uneven loading on the High- Pressure Connection.

  • Corrective Action: Replace the High-Pressure O-Ring with a provided replacement from the
    Spare Parts accessory bag by following the procedure in Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Inspect High-Pressure O-Rings. Then, examine your setup and ensure that the High-Pressure Hose is not bending aggressively, as this can lead to premature wear or damage of the O-Ring. Move your Pump Box or WAZER to allow for more slack in the High-Pressure Hose to prevent this leak from occurring.

If you find leaks coming from any other places please take a photo of where the leak is occurring and contact Customer Support to further diagnose the issue.