Partial Cutting

Partial Cutting occurs when WAZER partially cuts through your Material, but it fails to fully cut through. You will also see a directed water spray in the direction opposite of the Gantry motion.

Check: Identify if the Cut Rate you used to try to cut this Material is in line with other similar Materials and thicknesses.

  • Root Cause: If not, WAZER’s Cut Rate is set too high.

  • Corrective Action: Make a new Cut File after decreasing the Cutting rate for this Material.

Check: Identify your current Abrasive Flow Rate by performing Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Checking the Abrasive Rate

  • Root Cause: If WAZER’s Abrasive Flow Rate is below the required rate, it is incorrectly set.

  • Corrective Action: Contact WAZER Customer Support for information on how to adjust the Abrasive Flow Rate.