WAZER Suddenly Turns Off - High Water Level

WAZER is constantly monitoring the water level. However, if the water level gets too high at any point, a safety shutoff switch will activate to prevent the Tank from overflowing. If you hear WAZER abruptly shut off, or if it powers down in the middle of a Cut we suggest you do the following:

  • Clean the Drain Filters by referring to Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Cleaning the Drain Filters.

  • Lower the water level in your Tank to about the Cut Bed height.

If this error happens subsequently, then it indicates a larger problem in your system. Follow the series of checks bellow to isolate what isn’t working as expected.

Check: Are the pumps that maintaining the water level working? Remove the drain Filter cover from the rear of the tank. First check that the drain filters are clean. Then select Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Used Abr. Collect.

  • Root Cause: If both pumps are not working as expected then the WAZER internal timers will not be able to properly maintain the water level.

  • Corrective Action: Contact Support for help with replacing non functioning parts

Check: Is water in the tank not reaching the drain filters? Remove the drain Filter cover from the rear of the tank. Select Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Used Abr. Collect. Once the collection system is active, observed the water level by drain pick up filters.

  • Root Cause: If it is significantly lower than the main tank water level, then the tank baffle is blocked with abrasive and water can’t make it to the drain filters.

  • Corrective Actions: The abrasive block will need to be cleaned out. the best way to do this is Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Full Tank Cleaning

Check: Is the WAZER capable of draining water. Remove the right side cover. Then do a quick drain, see Maintenance > Maintenance Procedures > Quick Drain. Observe the rate at which water drains out if at all

  • Root Cause I: Given all the checks up to this point if the water level isn’t going down then there is something blocking the flow.

  • Corrective Action I: Make sure there aren’t any blockages in your drain hose. or that your abrasive isn’t too long The most likely cause is that the end of the drain hose has become buried in abrasive if using a secondary baffle system or bucket

  • Root Cause II: If the water drains well then the there is something wrong with your Dump Valve.

  • Corrective Action II: Go to Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Peripheral Check > Dump Valve. If you hear a click then your valve works.Contact Support for help with replacing non functioning parts

Check: Is the middle Water Level Sensor used in water management functioning? Navigate to Setup & Maintenance > Maintenance > Input Output Check > Input > Water Level Sensor

  • Root Cause: While the switch is a simple device it can still malfunction or the connector can get messed up.
  • Corrective action: Contact Wazer Support for a replacement

Check:  Is the Drain filter completely below the water level?  / Is the drain filter straight ?

  • Root Cause: If the Drain Filter ends up deformed or is installed at an angle part of it can stick up above the water level.  This allows air to get into the pump as becomes easier to suck air in than water.  Once this happens it completely throws off the water leveling routine.
  • Corrective Action:  Straighten out the Filter and make sure it stays below the water level. 

Please contact WAZER Support to further diagnose the issue.